Header Graphic

 Sunset, Hawaii

 Poloku Valley

 Hawaiian Hibiscus

 In the bay

 On the shoreline

 Sunset silhouette

 Making a splash

 Kona Coast

There are such beautiful sights in the world.  And it just takes my breath away to look at these views of the coastline and the trees, the waves and the flowers.  Do you see the two little figures running as the sun sets in the top picture?  Total serendipity. 

If you'd like to look at one or all of these photos more often too, order one of my card boxes or request an enlargement below.

 Hawi, Big Island

 Hawaiian Hedge

 Palm shadow and surf

 After the sunset

 Colors of Hawaii

 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

  Growing wild -- bamboo

 Off to the beach