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A timeless gift...
"In This Together"

As my children were growing, I was recording. Recording both in word and with photography, moments that are pretty much universal. Quiet moments in a family that may seem mundane, but truly have meaning. Many families can relate to the stories I have told. Many have enjoyed stopping and looking at these moments and seeing something of themselves or their own families in them.

A friend approached me once, after having bought "In This Together" over a year ago: "I picked it up to just reread a few passages," she said, "but I couldn't put it down. I read some aloud to my husband, then read more, until I had finished the entire book again -- I love it!"

Some time ago I received a letter from someone I've never met, who added these words about "In This Together": "Each page was worthy to be savored and pondered. You put into words the everyday experiences of family life that enobles those once seemingly unimportant moments and feelings. How much richer one is after reading your work. The photography is superb and touching."


In This Together is a full-color, hard-cover book that you'll want to leave on your coffee table or bedside stand to pick up and read over and over again.  Perfect for wedding or baby shower gifts.  Perfect for remembering and cherishing those years with a young family.

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-- Louise R. Shaw