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"Keep the Kids Away From the Power Tools"

Whether you're a teacher, a parent, a politician or a student, "Keep the kids away from the power tools"  is a book I hope you'll want to read. You'll learn about kids, about education, about society and about life, as you follow my experiences on the job as an untrained substitute teacher. There is never a dull moment!!

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Let's let those who've already read it tell you about it in more detail:

"An emotional and honest account.. Shaw's experiences show the impact one person can have on the life of a child." -- Mary Thornton, M.Ed.

"What a delightful read! The learning, the emotions, the feelings, the successes of substitute teaching are colorfully rendered in this book." -- Geoffrey G. Smith, Director, Substitute Teaching Institute, USU

"This book is insightful, thought provoking and a 'must read' for those pursuing a career in education, as well as those pursuing a career in parenting." -- Charlene E. Hieb, instructional assistant, Oregon

"This book gives a view we seldom get, seldom think of...The writing is sprightly, the insights are significant...a fun but important read." -- Dr. Douglas D. Alder, past president of Dixie College, St. George, Utah

"...a powerful plea that is at the heart of educational improvement in the 21st century. I read it all, and I was deeply moved." -- Kim R. Burningham, Chair, Utah State Board of Education

"With humor, honesty and enthusiasm Louise Shaw takes you on an insightful journey in the life of the substitute teacher. What she learned in the classroom through baptism by fire is covered by Shaw with intelligence and wit." -- Angelica L. Fragoso-Kalat, Ed.D., Illinois

Find out for yourself! Order "Keep the kids away from the power tools" now!! The book is soft-cover, 181 pages, published in December 2006 and still full of interesting experiences and insights.

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